Sorted by Aircraft Companies

German Air Force – Luftwaffe

Arado Ar 199A (Frank-Airmodel, Resin)
Arado Ar 231 (Airmodel, Vacu-formed)
Arado Ar 234C-3 (Dragon) with Focke-Wulf “Rammer” (Unicraft, Resin)
Arado Ar E. 555-1 (Revell)
Arado Ar E. 580 (Airmodel, Resin)
Arado Ar E. 581-4 (Anigrand, Resin)
Arado Ar E. 583.06 (Planet, Resin)
Arado Ar E. 583.05 (Planet, Resin)
Arado Ar TEW 16/43-15 (Unicraft, Resin)
Blohm & Voss BV 138C-1 (Supermodel)
Blohm & Voss Bv 142 V2/U1 (Airmodel, Vacu)
Blohm & Voss Bv 155V-1 (Pegasus Models)
Blohm & Voss Bv 237 (Unicraft, Resin)
Blohm & Voss Bv 238 V1, (Airmodel, Vacu)
Blohm & Voss FGP 227 (Anigrand, Resin)
Blohm & Voss Ha 139B MS (Airmodel, Vacu)
Blohm & Voss Bv P.163.02 (RS Models, Resin)
Blohm & Voss Bv P.188.02 (Unicraft, Resin)
Blohm & Voss Bv P.192.01-01 (Planet, Resin)
Blohm & Voss Bv P.193.01-01 (Planet, Resin)
Blohm & Voss Bv P.194.01-02 (Revell)
Blohm & Voss Bv P.203.01 (Unicraft, Resin)
Blohm & Voss Bv P.204 with Blohm & Voss Bv 246 “Hagelkorn” (Hailstone) (Airmodel, Vacu formed)
Blohm & Voss Bv P.205 (RS Models, Resin)
Blohm & Voss Bv P.207.02 (Unicraft, Resin)
Blohm & Voss Bv P.208.03 (Frank-Airmodel, Resin)
Blohm & Voss Bv P.209.02 (Airmodel, Resin)
Blohm & Voss Bv P.211.01 (Unicraft, Resin)
Blohm & Voss Bv P.211.02 (Special Hobby)
Blohm & Voss Bv P.212.01 (Unicraft, Resin)
Blohm & Voss Bv P.212.03 (Frank Airmodel, Resin)
Blohm & Voss Bv P.213 (Airmodel, Resin)
Blohm & Voss Bv P.215 (Frank-Airmodel, Resin)
BMW Strahlbomberprojekt I (Unicraft, Resin)
BMW Strahljaeger P. IV (Unicraft, Resin)
Dornier Do 15 “Militaer-Wal” (Huma)
Dornier Do 18G-1 (Matchbox)
Dornier Do 24T-1 (Revell)
Dornier Do 26D-0 (Airmodel, Vacu)
Dornier Do 217V-3 with DFS 228A-0 (Italeri, Huma)
Dornier Do 417 V1 (Unicraft, resin)
Dornier Do P.247/6 (Unicraft, Resin)
Dornier Do P.252/2 (Unicraft, Resin)
Focke-Achgelis Fa 330 “Bachstelze” (“Wagtail”) (Completely scratch-built)
Focke Wulf Fw 190A-4 “Falcon-wing” (Unicraft, Resin, Parts from Airfix)
Focke Wulf Fw 190A-8, unknown unit 1945 (Airfix)
Focke-Wulf Fw 190C-V18/U1 (Frank-Airmodel)
Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9, “Dora 9” (Dragon)
Focke Wulf Fw 190TL (Unicraft, Resin, Parts from Airfix)
Focke-Wulf Fw P.0310225-127 (Unicraft, Resin)
Focke-Wulf Fw P.0310251-13/II (Planet, Resin)
Focke-Wulf Fw Triebflügeljäger (Thrust-wing Fighter) (Huma)
Focke-Wulf Fw P. V. “Volksjäger” (Unicraft, Resin)
Focke-Wulf Super Lorin with Kramer X-4 (Unicraft, Resin)
Focke-Wulf Fw 1000x1000x1000 Bomber, Projekt C
Focke-Wulf Ta 152C-0 (Academy)
Focke-Wulf Ta 152H-0 (Academy)
Focke-Wulf Ta 154A-0 “Moskito” (Hasegawa)
Focke-Wulf Ta 154A-0 (Pioneer) with Fw 190F-8 (Revell) “Mistel 7”, Mistletoe 7)
Focke-Wulf Ta 154A1-R1 (Hasegawa)
Focke-Wulf Ta 154V3 “Moskito” (Hasegawa)
Focke-Wulf Ta 183V-1 “Huckebein” (Revell)
Focke-Wulf Ta 183/III (Planet, Resin)
Focke-Wulf Ta 211 (Pioneer, Self-conversion)
Focke-Wulf  Ta 283 (Huma)
Göppingen Gö 9 (CMK, Resin)
Gotha P. 60C (Planet, Resin)
Heinkel He 51B-2 (Hasegawa)
Heinkel He 59D-1 (Airmodel, Vacu)
Heinkel He 60C (Airmodel, Vacu)
Heinkel He 114A-2 (Airmodel, Vacu)
Heinkel He 162A-2 “Spatz”, Stabsstaffel JG 1 (Revell)
Heinkel He 162B (Twin Argus) (A+V Models, Resin)
Heinkel He 162C (A+V Models, Resin)
Heinkel He 162D (A+V Models, Resin)
Heinkel He 176 (Jach)
Heinkel He 178 (AML)
Heinkel He 343A-1 (Planet, Resin)
Heinkel He 343B-1 (Airmodel, Vacu)
Heinkel He P.1065 Ia (Unicraft, Resin)
Heinkel He P.1078A (Frank Airmodel, Resin)
Heinkel He P.1079A (Planet, Resin)
Heinkel He P. 1080 (Frank-Airmodel, Resin)
Heinkel “Lerche II” (Lark II) (Fruitbat, Resin)
Heinkel “Wespe” (Wasp) (Unicraft, Resin)
Henschel Hs 132A V1 (A+V Models, Resin
Henschel Hs P.75 (CMK, Resin)
Henschel Hs P.87 (Planet, Resin)
Henschel Hs P.135 (Airmodel, Resin)
Horten Ho V V-2 (Fruitbat)
Horten Ho VII V-2 (Ho 226) (Frank-Airmodel, Resin)
Horten Ho IX V-1 (A + V Models, Resin)
Horten Ho IX V-2 (Ho/Go 229A-1) (Revell)
Junkers Ju 52 3m g6e (Italeri)
Junkers Ju 88C-6b, 2./NJG2 (Revell, Parts from Italeri)
Junkers Ju 88G-6c, 7./NJG5 (Italeri, Parts from Hasegawa)
Junkers Ju 88G-7b, 2./NJG5 (Italeri, Parts from Hasegawa)
Junkers Ju 88G-7c, 5./NJG4 (Italeri, Parts from Hasegawa)
Junkers Ju-187 (Unicraft, Resin)
Junkers Ju 188E-1 with LT 950 (Italeri)
Junkers Ju 188E-2 with L 10_Friedensengel (Italeri)
Junkers Ju 268 with Heinkel He 162A-2 (“Mistel 5”, “Mistletoe 5”) (Ju 268 completely scratch-built, He 162 Revell)
Junkers Ju 287 V1 (Huma)
Junkers EF 131 (Ju 287A-1), (Schorsch-Modellbau, Resin)
Junkers Ju 287 with Messerschmitt Me 262A-1a (‘Mistel’, Mistletoe), (Ju 287 Airmodel, Vacu-formed, Me 262 Matchbox, Start-trolley and other parts scratch-built)
Junkers Ju 388J-1V2 “Störtebecker” (Airmodel, Vacu, Parts from Italeri)
Junkers Ju 388J-1V4 (Airmodel, Vacu, Parts from Italeri)
Junkers Ju 388J-3 (Airmodel, Vacu, Parts from Italeri)
Junkers Ju 388K-1 (Airmodel, Vacu, Parts from Italeri)
Junkers Ju 388L-0 (Airmodel, Vacu, parts from Italeri)
Junkers Ju 388L-1 (Airmodel, Vacu, Parts from Italeri)
Junkers EF 123 (Unicraft, Resin)
Junkers EF 126 Lilli (A +V Models, Resin)
Junkers EF 127 Walli (A+V Models, Resin)
Junkers EF 128 (Planet, Resin)
Junkers EF 128 Nachtjäger (Night fighter), (Planet, Resin)
Junkers Schlachtflugzeug (Unicraft, Resin)
Lippisch Li P.11 (Planet, Resin)
Lippisch P.13-42 (Unicraft, Resin)
Lippisch P.13a (RS-Model; Resin) with Dornier Do 217K-1 (Italeri)
Lippisch Li P.13b (Anigrand, Resin)
Lippisch P. 14 (Unicraft, Resin)
Lippisch P. 14b (Unicraft, Resin)
Lippisch Li P.15 Diana (Frank-Airmodel, Resin)
Lippisch Li P.20 (Planet, Resin)
Lippisch DM-1(Huma)
Messerschmitt Me 108B Taifun (Fly)
Messerschmitt Me 109G-6, II/7.JG (Revell)
Messerschmitt Me 109 TL (Planet, Resin)
Messerschmitt Me 209 V5 (A-1) (Huma)
Messerschmitt Me 209H V1 (Planet Models, Resin)
Messerschmitt Me 262 V9 (VI + AD) (Revell + parts from Unicraft)
Messerschmitt Me 262A-1a ‘Schwalbe’ (Swallow) with Wfr. Gr. 21, III/JG 7
Messerschmitt Me 262A-1a/U3, NAGr 6 (Matchbox, Parts from Frank-Airmodel, Vacu-formed)
Messerschmitt Me 262A-1a guided bomb beneath a Messerschmitt Me 262A-2a/U-2, “Mistel”, (“Mistletoe”), (MPM)
Messerschmitt Me 262A-2a Sturmvogel (Stormbird) (Matchbox) with SC 1000 high explosive bomb (Hermann) on Deichselschlepp (tow-bar) (Airmodel)
Messerschmitt Me 262A-2a with Lorin Ramjets (Matchbox and Scratch-built)
Messerschmitt Me 262B-2 with Heinkel-Hirth HeS 021 Turboprop (Revell, Parts from Unicraft, Resin)
Messerschmitt Me 262C-1a ‘Heimatschützer I’ (’Home Protector I’), (Matchbox, parts scratch-built)
Messerschmitt Me 262C-2b ‘Heimatschützer II’ (‘Home Protector II’), (Revell, Parts scratch-built)
Messerschmitt Me 262C-3a ‘Heimatschützer IV’, (Home Protector IV’) (Revell, Parts scratch-built)
Messerschmitt Me 309 V1 (Huma)
Messerschmitt Me 329 (Airmodel, Resin)
Messerschmitt Me 334 (Planet, Resin)
Messerschmitt Me P.1079/13 (Unicraft, Resin)
Messerschmitt Me P.1092/3 Unicraft, Resin)
Messerschmitt Me P.1092/4 (Unicraft, Resin)
Messerschmitt Me P.1092/5 (Unicraft, Resin)
Messerschmitt Me P.1095 (Frank Airmodel, Resin)
Messerschmitt Me P.1101 V1 (Huma)
Messerschmitt Me. P.1101A-0 (Huma)
Messerschmitt Me P.1101A-1 with Kramer X-4 missiles (Dragon)
Messerschmitt Me P.1101 NJ (Nachtjäger, Night fighter, Dragon)
Messerschmitt Me P.1101/13 (Unicraft, Resin)
Messerschmitt Me P.1101/92 (Unicraft, Resin)
Messerschmitt Me P.1101/99 (Unicraft)
Messerschmitt Me P.1101/101, (Unicraft, Resin)
Messerschmitt Me P.1103/III (A+V Models, Resin)
Messerschmitt Me P.1104/II (A+V-Models, Resin)
Messerschmitt Me P.1106 (Huma)
Messerschmitt Me P.1110/I (Planet, Resin) with Kramer X-4 (Scratch-built)
Messerschmitt Me P.1110 “Ente” (“Duck“) (Classic Plane, Resin)
Messerschmitt Me P.1111 (Frank-Airmodel/Planet, Resin)
Messerschmitt Projekt “Schwalbe” I (Unicraft, Resin)
Messerschmitt “Zerstörer-Projekt II” (Planet, Resin)
Škoda-Kauba Sk P.14 (RS Models, Resin)
Skoda-Kauba SK P.14-02 (Unknown, Resin)
Sombold So 344 (RS Models, Resin)

U.S. Army Air Force and U.S. Navy

Bell P-39D Airacobra, 36th FS, 8th FG (Airfix)
Bell P-63C Sweptwing (IPMS Canada, Resin)
Bell P-63E Kingcobra (Resin)
Bell XP-77 (Frank-Airmodel, Vacu formed)
Bell XP-83 (Anigrand, Resin)
Bell Model 3 (Unicraft, Resin)
Boeing F8B-1_USAAF (Sword)
Boeing F8B-1_ USN (Sword)
Boeing P. 360 Flying Flapjack (Unicraft, Resin)
Chance Vought F4U-1D Corsair (Hasegawa)
Chance Vought F4U-1D Corsair, VF-84, CV-17 Bunker Hill (Hasegawa)
Chance Vought F4U-2N Corsair, VMF(N)-532 (Hasegawa)
Chance Vought F4U-4 Corsair, VF-10, CV-11 Intrepid (Hasegawa)
Chance Vought XF4U-4 with Corsair Contraprops (Hasegawa, Self Conversion)
Chance Vought XF5U-1 Flying Flapjack (Hasegawa)
Chance Vought F6U-1 Pirate (Airmodel, Vacu formed)
Chance Vought F7U-1 Cutlass (Anigrand, Resin)
Chance Vought V-173 Flying Pancake (Sword)
Chance Vought Jet Skimmer (Unicraft)
Consolidated PB2Y-5 “Coronado” (Contrail Models, Vacu-formed)
Consolidated XP4Y-1 Corregidor (Unicraft, Resin)
Consolidated B-24D “The Little Gramper”, 491st BG (H), 8th USAAF (Airfix)
Consolidated B-24H “Liberator “The Spotted Ass Ape”, 458th BG (H), 8th USAAF (Airfix)
Consolidated B-32 “Dominator” (Anigrand, Resin)
Consolidated XP-81 (Anigrand, Resin)
Cornelius XFG-1(Frank-Airmodel, Vacu-formed)
Culver PQ-14B “Cadet” (Frank-Airmodel, Resin)
Culver TD2C-1 “Turkey” (Frank-Airmodel, Resin)
Curtiss XP-55 “Ascender” (MPM)
Curtis XP-60C (Anigrand, Resin)
Curtiss XP-62 (Anigrand, Resin)
Curtiss XP-87 “Blackhawk” (Anigrand, Resin)
Curtiss XF-14C-2 (Unicraft, Resin)
Curtiss XF-15C-1 (Airmodel, Vacuformed)
Curtiss AT-9 “Jeep” (Pavla)
Curtiss SOC-1 “Seagull” (Hasegawa)
Curtiss SOC-3 “Seagull” (Hasegawa)
Douglas A-26C „Invader“ (Airfix)
Douglas BT2D-1 “Skyraider” (Airfix)
Douglas BTD-1 “Destroyer” (Planet, Resin)
Douglas XTB2D-1 “Skypirate” (Planet, Resin)
Douglas XA2D-1 “Skyshark” (Anigrand, Resin)
Douglas XB-42 “Mixmaster” (Anigrand, Resin)
Douglas XB-43 “Jetmaster” (Anigrand, Resin)
Douglas DS-312A (Unicraft, Resin)
Douglas D-558-I “Skystreak” (Anigrand, Resin)
Edo OSE-1(Frank Airmodel, Vacu formed)
Fisher XP-75 (Valom)
Fisher XP-75 Eagle (Valom)
Goodyear F2G-2 “Corsair” (Special hobby)
Goodyear FG-4 “Corsair”, VMF-111 (Hasegawa)
Grumman XF5F-1 “Skyrocket” (Resin)
Grumman F6F-5 “Hellcat”, VF-12, USS CV-15 “Randolph”, (Hasegawa)
Grumman F6F-5N “Hellcat”, USS CV-19 Lexington (Hasegawa)
Grumman F7F-1 “Tigercat” (Monogram)
Grumman F7F-3N “Tigercat” (Hasegawa)
Grumman F8F-1B “Bearcat” (Novo Models)
Grumman G.71 (Unicraft, Resin)
Grumman TBF-1C “Avenger”, VC-58, USS CVE 21 “Block Island” (Airfix, modified)
Grumman TBM-3 “Avenger” of VMTB-233, CVE-106 “Block Island II”, (Airfix)
Grumman TBM-3W2 “Avenger” (Airfix, Self-conversion)
Grumman AF-2S “Guardian” (Airmodel, Vacu)
Grumman AF-2W “Guardian” (Airmodel, Vacu)
Hughes XF-11 (Anigrand, Resin)
Lockheed YP-49 (Anigrand, Resin)
Lockheed XP-58 “Chain Lightning” (Anigrand, Resin)
Lockheed “Hudson” Mk.V (Academy) RAF
Lockheed C-60A “Lodestar” (MPM)
Lockheed PV-1 “Ventura” (Academy Models)
Lockheed PV-2 “Harpoon”, VB-139 (Academy, Parts scratch-built)
Martin BTM-1 “Mauler” (Czechmaster, Resin)
Martin PBM-3S “Mariner” ( Rare Planes Vacforms, Vacu Formed)
Martin “Baltimore” Mk.IV, RAF, 13th Squadron Free Greece (Special Hobby) RAF
Martin XB-51 (Anigrand, Resin)
McDonnell FD-1 “Phantom” (Frank-Airmodel, Vacu-formed)
McDonnell XHJD-1 “Whirlaway” (Anigrand)
McDonnell XP-67 “Moonbat” (Anigrand, Resin)
North American XB-28 “Dragon” (Anigrand, Resin)
Northrop MX-324 (Unicraft, Resin)
Northrop N-9M-2 (Czechmaster, Resin)
Northrop XP-56 (MPM)
Northrop XP-56 “Black Bullet” (MPM)
Northrop XP-79B “Flying Ram” (RS Models)
Republic P-47 D-15-RA “Thunderbolt”, 61 FS, 56 FG (Matchbox)
Republic P-47D “Thunderbolt”, 61FS 56FG (Frog, Parts from Pavlamodel))
Republic P-47D-22-RE “Thunderbolt”, 509 FS, 405 FG (Revell, Parts from Pavlamodel)
Republic P-47D-25 “Thunderbolt, 512 FS, 406 FG (Revell, Parts from Pavlamodel)
Republic P-47D-30 “Thunderbolt”, 366FS, 358 FG (Revell, Parts from Pavlamodel)
Republic P-47D-30-RA “Thunderbolt”, 509 FS, 405FG (Revell)
Republic XP-47H “Thunderbolt” (Airmodel, Vacuformed, Parts from Matchbox, Parts from Pavla, and Self-conversion)
Republic XP-47J “Thunderbolt” (Matchbox, Parts from Pavla, Self conversion)
Republic P-47N-25-RE “Thunderbolt”, 73 FS, 318 FG (Sword)
Republic P-47N-5-RE “Thunderbolt”, 19 FS, 318 FG (Heller)
Republic XP-69 (Anigrand, Resin)
Republic XP-72 (Alliance)
Republic XP-72 (Revell, Self-conversion)
Ryan FR-1 “Fireball” (Airmodel, Vacu)
Ryan F2R-1 “Dark Shadow” (MPM)
Vultee XP-54 “Swoose Goose” (Execuform, Vacu formed)
Vultee XA-41 (Anigrand, Resin)

Royal Air Force and Royal Navy

Avro 621 “Tutor” (Warpaint, Resin)
Blackburn B.44 (Unicraft, Resin)
Boulton Paul Defiant T.T.II, 326th BG, 92nd BG, 8th USAAF (Pavla) USAAF
Boulton Paul P.99 (Unicraft, Resin)
Boulton Paul P.100 (Unicraft, Resin)
Bristol “Beaufort” Mk.II (Special Hobby Models)
Bristol “Beaufighter Mk.VIF”, 89th Squadron (Airfix)
Bristol “Beaufighter Mk.X”, 455th Squadron, RAAF (Hasegawa)
Bristol “Beaufighter T.F.” Mk.X, 254th Squadron, Coastal Command (Hasegawa)
Bristol “Beaufighter T.F.Mk.X”, 236th Squadron, Coastal Command (Matchbox)
Bristol “Blenheim Mk.V” (MPM)
Bristol “Brigand TF.Mk.I” (Valom)
De Havilland D.H.103 “Hornet F.1” (Frog)
De Havilland DH.100 “Vampire Mk.I” (Heller)
De Havilland “Mosquito B Mk.IV”, 109 SQN (Matchbox)
De Havilland “Mosquito” F-8, 25th BG(R) -802 RG(P) (Matchbox) USAAF
Fairey “Albacore Mk.II”, 145 Squadron, RCAF (MPM)
Fairey “Firefly F.R.Mk.I” (Pawla Models)
Fairey “Swordfish Mk.III” (Matchbox)
Gloster “Meteor Mk. I” (MPM)
Gloster E.28/39 “Pioneer” (Frog)
Gloster F.18/37 Boosted Fighter (Unicraft, Resin
Gloster “Meteor F. I Trent” Turboprop (MPM)
Hafner “Rotachute” Mk.III (Fly)
Hawker “Typhoon” Mk. IB, 143th SQN (Airfix)
Hawker “Fury (Centaurus)” (Frog)
Hawker “Tempest II” (Matchbox)
Hawker “Tempest” Mk. VI with two 40 mm cannon (Matchbox)
Hawker “Tempest” V (Matchbox)
Hawker P.1030 “Super Tempest” (Unicraft, Resin)
Hawker P.1048 (Unicraft, Resin)
Lockheed “Hudson” Mk.V (Academy)
Martin-Baker 12 “Gun Fighte”r (Unicraft, Resi)
Martin-Baker M.B.3 (Airmodel, Resin)
Martin-Baker M.B.5 (Pegasus Models)
Miles M.22 (Unicraft, Resin)
Miles M.23 “Milefire” (Unicraft, Resin)
Miles M.39B “Libulella” (LF-Models, Resin)
Supermarine 327 “Spito” (Unicraft, resin
Supermarine “Seafire Mk III”, 887 NAS (Pavla Models)
Supermarine “Spitfire Mk. IX”, 7th Photographic Group, 8th USAAF (Matchbox) USAAF
Supermarine “Spiteful Mk. XIV” (Czechmaster)
Supermarine “Spitfire F Mk. XIV”, 610 SQN (Fujimi)
Supermarine “Spitfire Mk XIX” (Matchbox)
Vickers 432 (Kora Models)
Westland “Welkin Mk.I” (Czechmaster, Resin)
Westland “Whirlwind Mk.I” (Airfix)

Japanese Imperial Army Air Force and
Japanese Imperial Navy Air Force

Kawanishi N1K1 “Kyofu” (Hasegawa)
Kawanishi N1K-1 Prototype (Hasegawa)
Kawanishi J6K1 “Jinpu” (“Squall”), RS Models, Resin
Kawanishi E15K1 “Shiun” (“Violet Cloud”, “Norm”)(Aoshima, Parts Scratch-built)
Kawasaki Ki-45-KAI-Ko “Toryu” (Dragon Killer, Nick), 5th Sentai, 1st. Chutai, (Hasegawa)
Kawasaki Ki-45-KAI-Otsu “Toryu” (Dragon Killer, Nick), 4th Sentai, 2nd Chutai, (Hasegawa)
Kawasaki Ki-60 (Airmodel, Resin)
Kawasaki Ki-61 KAI-Hei “Hien”, 244th Sentai (Hasegawa)
Kawasaki Ki-64 (MPM)
Kawasaki Ki-78 (Planet, Resin)
Kawasaki Ki-88 (Unicraft, Resin)
Kawasaki Ki-96 (A+V Models, Resin)
Kawasaki Ki-102-Hei (Randy) (A+V Models, Resin)
Kawasaki Ki-102-Otsu (“Randy”), 45th Sentai, 3rd Chutai, (Pavla Models)
Kawasaki Ki-108 (A + V Models, Resin)
Kawasaki Ki-119 (Unicraft, Resin)
Kayaba Ka-1 (Frank-Airmodel, Resin)
Kogiken Plan I Type A Heavy fighter (Unicraft, Resin)
Kogiken Plan III Revised Light Bomber (Unicraft, Resin)
Kogiken Plan V Revised Light Bomber’ (Unicraft, Resin)
Kyushu J7W1 “Shinden” (“Magnificent Lightning”), (Tamiya)
Kyushu J7W2 (Hasegawa)
Mansyu Ki-98 (A+V Models, Resin)
Mitsubishi F1M2 (“Pete”), IJN BS “Yamato” (Airmodel, Resin)
Mitsubishi G7M1 “Taizan” (Great Mountain), (Unicraft, Resin)
Mitsubishi J4M-1 Senden (Flashing Lightning, Luke), (Unicraft, Resin)
Mitsubishi J4M-2 Senden-Kai (Unicraft, Resin)
Mitsubishi Ki-67-I KAI ‘Hiryu’ (“Flying Dragon”), To-Gō , (Special Attack),
Mitsubishi Ki-73 Steve (Unicraft, Resin)
Mitsubishi Ki-83 (MPM)
Mitsubishi Ki-109b (2nd Chutai, 107th Sentai)(LS-Models)
Nakajima Ki-43-II KAI ‘Hayabusa’, (‘Peregrine Falcon’, ‘Oscar’), 50th Sentai, 3rd Chutai, (Hasegawa)
Nakajima Ki-43-II-Otsu ‘Hayabusa’ (‘Peregrine Falcon’, ‘Oscar’) of Headquaters Chutai, 77th Hiko Sentai (Hasegawa)
Nakajima Ki-44-IIc-Otsu Shoki (Devil-Queller, Toyo), 87th Sentai, 2nd Chutai (Hasegawa)
Nakajima Ki-44-II-Hei Shoki (Devil- Queller, Toyo), 70th Sentai (Hasegawa)
Nakajima Ki-62 (Unicraft, Resin)
Nakajima Ki-84-Ia Hayate, Chutai 29th Hiko Sentai (Hasegawa)
Nakajima Ki-84-I-Ko Hayate, 1st Chutai, 102nd Hiko Sentai (Hasegawa)
Nakajima Ki-87 (Pavla Models)
Nakajima Ki-115 “Tsurugi” (Sabre) (MPM Model)
Nakajima “Kikka” (“Orange Blossom”) (Pegasus Models)
Rikugun Ki-93-Ia (A+V Models, Resin)
Tachikawa Ki-74 (“Patsy”) (A+V Models, Resin)
Tachikawa Ki-94-II (A + V Model, Resin)
Tachikawa Ki-106 (RS Models)
Tachikawa SS-1 (FEresin, Resin)
Tokyo Koku Ki-107 (A + V Model, Resin)
Yokosuka R2Y1 “Keiun” (“Beautiful Cloud”), (Wings Models, Vacu-formed)