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Brief description: This picture gallery contains aircraft models of World War II on a scale 1:72 as injection moulded, resin- and vacu- formed kits as well as home-made conversions.

Dear Visitor,

Here, you will find photos of aircraft models of World War II on a scale 1:72. e.g. those of the United States Army Air Force (USAAF), the United States Navy (USN), the Royal Air Force (RAF), the Royal Navy (RN) , the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force (IJAAF), the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Force (IJNAF), the German Air Force (Luftwaffe, GAF) and the Air Force of the Soviet Union. Within these branches of the services you can select between fighters, fighter-bombers, bombers, trainers etc. Also you can select projects, designed on the drawing board as well as post-war developments, whose origin dated back into the time of WW II.

Important notice: Among the aircraft models shown here there are many aircraft from the former German Air Force (Deutsche Luftwaffe). They all show the swastika as a national symbol of that time. I would like to point out that this is not a political statement, but rather a source of historical information on the types of aircraft flown by the German Luftwaffe before and during the Second World War. It is to be taken as a reference for all aviation enthusiasts, and not taken as an expression of any sympathy for the Nazi regime or any  Neo-Nazi or Right wing hate Groups.

I have built all these models just for fun and never, it has been my intention to show them anybody or to present them at a show. Over the years more then 1.500 models have emerged, and many more kits have not been completed yet, or are still waiting for the finish or the last little detail.

However, now with the increasing facilities of the internet and the digital technique I have felt seduced to make them visible to a wider circle of persons. So here they are.

It could be that with one or the other model the colour has not been mixed correctly or some parts do not fit hundred percent. You might find out that some of the squadron codes are phantasy, or maybe you think my skill of digital photography is not very professional. Well, if so I regret very much, however, as I have explained before this is my very personal fun and pleasure. Experts might say it’s better to build only a few models but therefore of good quality. My premise always was and is to have fun with the model building, to get relaxed and nevertheless – even though sometimes my fingers were covered with adhesive rather than my models – trying to give my best. Whether I have been successful in doing so you will find out yourself. In any case I have enjoyed it very much, and if you like it too, I have reached my goal.

In the following you will find some general information:

The manufacturer of the kits are indicated. Most kits are injection moulded as those from Matchbox, Revell, Heller, Hasegawa, MPM, Pawla, Sword and many more. Others are made of resin, available from Anigrand, Planet, CMK, A+V, Unicraft and R&S and others. Furthermore there are vacu formed kits from Airmodel, Rare Plane, Wings, Formaplane, etc. Concerning the conversions resp. scratch-building I have used a great variety of material. Often I have made a Silicon-print of good parts of a model, which I have founded with TECHNOVIT, (Resin, Cold-curing) made by Kulzer, Bad Homburg. Doing the rest means sanding, filling, sanding, filling, sanding….

Regarding the colouring I must say that at the beginning almost exclusively I have used Humbrol Authentic Colours, which later, to my taste, appeared too dark. Now I use Humbrol, Revell  and Agama colours which I lighten up with 10% of white colour. Annoying is the circumstance that in the past the used gloss and matt coats in order to fix the decals and to make the finish the coats turned yellowish. Especially aeroplanes with natural metal suffered from this unpleasant yellowish shade. This could be improved as nowadays there are coats of much better quality, such as Humbrol clear und matt coats, on the market.
Another disappointing thing is the fact that with the years the transparent parts became yellowish, too. This means in fact to rebuilt the plane with better parts.
Concerning the Decals I would like to point out that mainly I use those of Micro-, SuperScale and AeroMaster apart from a few exceptions. In my opinion they are unsurpassed in using, colouring and variety of colours.

Now to the pictures: clicking the aeroplanes mainly you will find side-views from the angle of a photographer standing in front of the aeroplane as well as top views from an oblique position.

Finally I would like to say: Enjoy yourself! In case you should have any questions please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail.

Thank you very much for your visit on my homepage.
Yours G. Arnold