Messerschmitt Me 262C-2b ‘Heimatschützer II’ (‘Home Protector II’), (Revell, Parts scratch-built)

TYPE: Interceptor fighter


POWER PLANT: Two BMW 003R units, each of which comprised a BMW 003A turbojet engine, rated 800 kp and a BMW 718 bi-fuel rocket motor rated at 1.230 kp

PERFORMANCE: 510 mph at 32,800 ft

COMMENT: The second rocket-boosted development, the Messerschmitt Me 262C-2b ‘Heimatschützer II’ (‘Home Protector II’), also converted from a Messerschmitt Me 262A-1a, made its sole test flight in March 1945. The Me 262C-2b was powered by two BMW 003R units each of which comprised a BMW 003 A turbojet and a BMW 718 liquid-fuel rocket motor. The arrangement of the fuel tanks was similar to that of the Messerschmitt Me 262C-1a except that “S-Stoff’ occupied the forward main tank and ‘R-Stoff’ was housed by the aft auxiliary tank. The BMW 718 rocket motor was highly temperamental, and although some 50 bench runs were made with the complete BMW 003R unit, on several occasions the rocket component blew up and burned fiercely. Only one flight with the sole Messerschmitt Me 262C-2a ‘Heimatschützer II’ under full power was made. Further work concentrated on the Messerschmitt Me 262C-3b ‘Heimatschützer IV’. However, the aircraft shown here could be attached to the ISS 1 (Industrie Schutz Staffel 1 (Industry Protection Squadron) —- assumed of serial production (Ref.: 7).