Heinkel He 162B Single Argus (A+V Models, Resin)

TYPE: Interceptor Fighter, Fighterbomber


POWER PLANT: One Argus Ar 044 pulse jet, rated at 500 kp thust

PERFORMANCE: 410 mph at 9,850 ft

COMMENT: In November 1944, the RLM issued a requirement for a very simple, rapidly produced small fighter aircraft. This Miniaturjäger (Miniature Fighter) program was to use the simplest and cheapest power plant available, and to have the minimum of strategic materials and practically no electrical equipment. As power unit the Argus Ar 014 or Ar 044 was proposed and the Miniaturjäger was to take-off – rocket assisted with two Schmidding 109-533 solid-fuel rockets, rated at 1,000 kp thrust for 12 sec each – and land conventionally. Only three firms participated in this design competition, Heinkel He 162B Single Argus,  Junkers EF 126 and Blohm & Voss Bv P.213. As the best design the Junkers EF 126 Lilly was selected but in December 1944 the  Miniaturjäger-program was cancelled. (Ref.: 7)