Boulton Paul P.100 (Unicraft, Resin)

TYPE: Ground attack aircraft. Project.



POWER PLANT: One Rolls Royce “Griffon II”, rated at 1,760 h.p., driving contra-rotating three-bladed propellers

PERFORMANCE: 335 m.p.h. at 17,000 ft

COMMENT: In 1942 the Air Ministry’s Specification F. 6/42   called for a highly maneuverable, single seat, low attack aircraft and the P.100 was one of several designs submitted by Boulton Paul. The P.100 was one of the most advanced and unorthodox projects the aircraft industry responded with at that time. It had a canard – pusher layout to give the pilot the best possible view. The project was never realized. Instead, for ground fighting roles the  Hawker “Hurricane” and  Hawker “Typhoon” as well as the Supermarine “Spitfire” were used.