Messerschmitt Me P.1101 NJ (Nachtjäger, Night fighter, Dragon)

TYPE: Night fighter. Project


POWER PLANT: One Heinkel-Hirth HeS011 turbojet engine, rated at 1,300 kp

PERFORMANCE: 570 mph at 20,000 ft

COMMENT: This night fighter project Me P.1101 NJ (Nachtjäger, Night fighter (or  Me P.1101B-1) was derived from the Me P.1101A-1. It was equipped with Siemens/FFO FuG 218 J3 Neptun interception radar. Although the radar antennae (Hirschgeweihantenne, Stag’s Antlers) was rather small compared those of twin engine night fighters such as Junkers Ju 88C,  Ju 388J-1, or Focke-Wulf Ta 154 the maximum speed was reduced by about 40 mph. This project was never realized.