Junkers Ju 388J-1V4 (Airmodel, Vacu, Parts from Italeri)

TYPE: Night and All-weather Interceptor


POWER PLANT: Two BMW 801TJ, rated at 1,410 h.p. at 40,300 ft each

PERFORMANCE: 362 m.p.h. at 40,300 ft

COMMENT: With the Ju 388J-1V4 the FuG 220 “Lichtenstein SN-2” radar with “Hirschgeweih” aerial array was replaced by FuG 218 “Neptun” with a pointed wooden nose cone enclosing much of the “Morgenstern”-type antennae. Also, the FuG 350 “Naxos Z” was built into the “Morgenstern” compartment to receive H2S emissions. A “schräge Musik” arrangement of two 20-mm MG 151 cannon was introduced in the aft fuselage. These weapons fired obliquely upward at an angle of 70° from the horizontal.