Junkers Ju 388K-1 (Airmodel, Vacu, Parts from Italeri)

TYPE: High-altitude bomber

ACCOMMODATION: Crew of three

POWER PLANT: Two BMW 801TJ engines, rated at 1,410 h.p. at 40,300 ft each

PERFORMANCE: 370 m.ph. at 40,300 ft

COMMENT: As the Ju 388L-1 the bomber variant Ju 388K-1 was fitted with a wooden ventral panner and it was intended to install the FA 15 tail barbette for defence. But neither the prototype Ju 388 V3 nor the 10 pre-production Ju 399K-0 bombers were equipped with the tail barbette. It was intended to replace the BMW 801TJ engines by BMW 801TM engines with ratings of 1,820 h.p. at 33,400 ft. Apart from e few sorties by the Ju 388L-1 reconnaissance model, the Ju 388 failed to see combat