Messerschmitt Me. P.1101A-0 (Huma)

TYPE: Fighter, interceptor. Project


POWER PLANT: One Heinkel-Hirth HeS 011 turbojet engine, rated at 1,300 kp

PERFORMANCE: 550 mph at 23,000 ft

COMMENT: Although the Messerschmitt Me P.1101 was from the onset designed as an experimental aircraft different production versions were planned, too. One design was very similar to the Me P.1101 V1 as far as all over dimensions, turbojet engines, tricycle undercarriage etc. are concerned, but the wing was in a fixed position at 40 degree and a horizontal tail unit – “T-Tail” was provided. The unconditional surrender of Germany brought all further work on this exceptional aircraft to an end (Ref.: 16).