Messerschmitt Me 262 V9 (VI + AD) (Revell + parts from Unicraft)

TYPE: High speed experimental aircraft


POWER PLANT: Two Junkers Jumo 004B-2 turbojet engines, rated at 900 kp each


COMMENT: The Messerschmitt Me 262 V9 was the 9th prototype and had nearly the same airframe as the Me 262A. It was completed in January 1944, it’s primary task being high speed trials up to the fighter’s Mach limitation. During the course of these various aerodynamic improvements were introduced. The leading edge of the inner wing as well as of the vertical tail was increased to 45 degree, the leading edge of the horizontal tail was swept back to 40 degree, a shallow, low-drag cockpit canopy was installed, and the muzzles were faired over. The highest speed attained by this experimental aircraft being 624 mph which was clocked at Leipheim on July 1944 (Ref.:  7).