Nakajima Ki-84-I-Ko Hayate, 1st Chutai, 102nd Hiko Sentai (Hasegawa)

TYPE: Fighter, Fighterbomber


POWER PLANT: Nakajima Ha-45 engine, rated at 1,990hp

PERFORMANCE: 392 mph at 20,080 ft

COMMENT: In June 1943 some of the first Nakajima Ki-84-Ia  Hayate of a service trials batch of 83 machines were handed over to the Tachikawa Army Air Arsenal for service tests. During flight trials the Ki-84 reached a top speed of 388 mph, climbed to 16,405 ft in 6 min 26 sec and reached a service ceiling of 40,680 ft, thus demonstrating the best performance of any Japanese aircraft suitable for immediate production. A second pre-production batch of 42 Ki-84s was built in April 1944 and in the following months more and more aircraft were delivered to several Sentai. In combat it became obvious that the Ki-84 was a formidable foe , comparing favourably with the best Allied fighters. (Ref.: 1)