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Martin-Baker M.B.6 “Sky Ferret” T.Mk. I (AZ-Models)

TYPE: Projected trainer for MB 5

ACCOMMODATION: Pilot and Student

POWER PLANT: One Rolls-Royce Griffon 83 liquid-cooled engine, rates at 2,340 hp, driving three-bladed contra-rotating propeller

PERFORMANCE: 460 mph at 20,000 ft (estimated)

COMMENT: There are some speculations concerning the existence of a further development of the British Martin-Baker MB 5. This latter was the ultimate development of a series of prototype fighter aircraft built during the WW II. But neither the MB 5 nor its predecessor Martin-Baker MB 3 ever entered production, despite what test pilots described as excellent performance.
The Martin-Baker MB 6 was designed as a two-seat variant of the MB 5 to be used as night fighter or as a trainer version for the MB 5. All dimensions as well as engine, two three-bladed contra-rotating propellers were similar to the original prototype. A second seat for the instructor was positioned behind the student’s seat and an elongated canopy covered the cockpit.
However, it is uncertain whether the Martin-Baker MB 6 really was designed nor whether the aircraft was named Sky- or Night Ferret.
Although the Martin-Baker MB 5 was considered as a superlative piston-engined fighter, better in many ways than the British Supermarine Spitfire or the US North-American Mustang, no orders for serial production were placed. Possibly, Martin-Baker may have lacked both facilities and sufficient government support to engage in large production numbers. The company’s slow progress with the machine could have been due to a lack of facilities. Instead, the RAF directed their attention towards the incoming turbojet-powered fighters and in fact, some postwar informations hypothesise the existence of a Martin-Baker MB 6 project of a tailless, deltawing configurated and  turbojet-powerded aircraft. No further details are known (Ref.: 24).

Bristol “Beaufighter” Mk.VIF, 89th Squadron (Airfix)

TYPE: Long-range night fighter, Fighter bomber


POWER PLANT: Two Bristol Hercules VI, rated at 1,600 hp

PERFORMANCE: 320 mph at 10,000 ft

COMMENT: In the late 30’s the British Air Ministry placed an order to the Bristol Aeroplane Company to develop a long-range heavy fighter, parallel to the Westland “Whirlwind” cannon armed twin-engine fighter. The company proposed a design on the basis of the  earlier Bristol “Beaufort”torpedo bomber.  First production models of the “Beaufighter”were night fighters, followed by fighter bombers and later as a torpedo bombers. This aircraft shown here is a night fighter variant “Beaufighter”Mk VIF, equipped with an A.I. Mk. IV radar.