Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon, VB-139 (Academy, Parts scratch-built)

TYPE: Patrol bomber

ACCOMMODATION:  Crew of four or five

POWER PLANT: Two Pratt & Whitney R-2800-31 Double Wasp radial engines, rated at 2,000 hp each

PERFORMANCE: 282 mph at 13,700 ft

COMMENT:  The Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon , ordered by the US Navy on June, 1943, differed in several respects from the Lockheed PV-1 Ventura. The power plant and general configuration remained unchanged, but wing span and fuel capacity were increased, larger fins and rudders were fitted, and the armament was improved. Delivery of a batch of 500 Harpoons began in March 1944. These aircraft served primarily in the Pacific area for the last year of the WWII (Ref.: 23).