Fairey Swordfish Mk.III (Matchbox)

TYPE: Torpedo bomber, anti-submarine aircraft, trainer

ACCOMMODATION: Crew of three

POWER PLANT: One Bristol Pegasus III M3 radial engine, rated at 690 hp

PERFORMANCE: 143 mph at 5.000 ft

COMMENT: The Fairey Swordfish was a biplane torpedo bomber designed by the Fairey Aviation company, used by the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm during World War II. Originating in the 1930s, the Swordfish, nicknamed “Stringbag”, was an outdated design by the start of the war in 1939, but remained in front-line service until the end of the hostilities in Europe outliving several types intended to replace it, e.g. the Fairey Albacore. It was initially operated primarily as a fleet attack aircraft. During its later years the aircraft was equipped with racks under the lower wings to enable the mounting of rockets and a large centrimetric radar in a fairing under the fuselage. It was used as an anti-submarine and training aircraft. When the production was halted in August 1944 a total 2,391 have been built (Ref.:23).