Skoda-Kauba SK P.14-02 (Unknown, Resin)

TYPE: Interceptor, Fighter. Project.

ACCOMMODATION: Pilot only, in prone position

POWER PLANT: One Saenger-Lorin ram-jet

PERFORMANCE:  500 mph at 30,000 ft (estimated)

COMMENT: A similar interceptor project by Eugen Sänger from the Škoda-Kauba company was the Sk P.14-02. Compared to the Sk P.14-01 the design was smaller, had a shortened fuselage and the wings set in a more forward position. As its predecessor the Škoda-Kauba Sk P.14-02 took-off an a slightly lighter three-wheeled trolley, assisted by four Schmidding 109-533 solid-fuel rockets. Additionally the acceleration was needed to reach the speed where the ram-jet would work. The aircraft was landed on a retractable skid. Performance data were similar to the Sk P.14-01. None of the projected aircraft to fly on ramjet power were completed. (Ref.: 20)