Focke-Wulf Fw Ta 283 (Huma)

TYPE: Interceptor fighter. Project.


POWER PLANT: Two Pabst-Lorin ramjet engines, rated at 1.500 kp thrust each and one Walter HWK 109-509A liquid-fueled rocket engine, rated at 3.000 kp thrust


COMMENT: In March, 1944, the team of Focke-Wulf worked on a design of a ramjet-powered fighter. The wings were mounted low on the fuselage and were swept back at 45 degrees. It had along, pointed nose and the cockpit was set back into the large vertical fin. The aircraft sat very low on a retractable nose wheel undercarriage and main wheels with extreme short track. The ramjets were located on the tips of the sharply swept tail planes. For take-off a Walter HWK rocket engine, located in the back fuselage was needed as well as to reach speed high enough to operate the ramjets. Ceiling of 36.000 ft should be reached within less than five minutes. Neither detailed design drawings nor models for wind tunnel testing are readied when the defeat of Germany stopped any further studies (Ref.: 16, 18).