Blohm & Voss Bv P.203.01 (Unicraft, Resin)

TYPE: Long-range fighter, fighter-bomber. Project


POWER PLANT: Two BMW 801D radial engines, rated at 1,750 hp each and two Junkers Jumo 003 turbo-jet engines, rated at 880 kp each


COMMENT: This Blohm & Voss project from 1944 was designed as a general purpose/long-range fighter. The wing was straight and unswept, with the section between the two engine nacelles being thicker and having increased chord, to house the main wheels of the tricycle landing gear. Two BMW 801D radial engines were mounted at the forward end of the nacelles, and two Junkers Jumo 004 turbo-jet engines were located in the rear of the nacelles. Provision was made for use of other turbo-jet engines, e.g. BMW 003 (Bv P. 203.2) and Heinkel-Hirth HeS 011 (Bv P. 203.03) The aircraft was heavily armed including a remotely controlled twin MG 131 13mm machine guns in the tail firing to the rear. Due to the “Jägernotprogramm” (Fighter-emergency-programme) all work was cancelled (Ref: 23)