Kawasaki Ki-102-Hei (“Randy”) (A+V Models, Resin)

TYPE: Twin-engined night and bad weather fighter

ACCOMMODATION: Pilot and radar observer

POWER PLANT: Two Mitsubishi Ha-112-11 Ru supercharged radial engines, rated at 1,500 hp each

PERFORMANCE: 373 mph at 32,800 ft

COMMENT: In November 1944, at the time that Kawasaki had received instructions to produce 20 pre-production Ki-102-Ko interceptors, the company had also been ordered to develop as a matter of urgency a specialized night fighter version of the basic design. This, the Ki-102-Hei, retained the turbocharged engines but featured a longer-span wing, a lengthened fuselage, redesigned tail surfaces, the relocation of the second cockpit further aft, and an armament of two 30 mm Ho-105 cannon. Work on centimetric AI radar based on German FuG 240 Berlin N-1a had meanwhile proceeding in Japan, and provision was made in the Ki 102-Hei to mount the concave antenna dish behind a plexiglas nose cone. The first of two Ki-102-Hei prototypes was scheduled to commence its flight test programme in July 1945, with the second following one month later. But in June, the Kawasaki plant was again hit by B-29 Superfortresses and both Ki-102-Hei prototypes were seriously damaged. Repairs were begun immediately but Japan’s surrender terminated further work (Ref.: 5).