Rikugun Ki-93-Ia (A+V Models, Resin)

TYPE: Twin-engined heavy fighter and ground attack aircraft


POWE PLANT: Two Mitsubishi Ha-214 radials, rated at 2,400 hp each

PERFORMANCE: 388 mph at 27,230 ft

COMMENT: The Rikugun Ki-93 was the last heavy fighter and ground-attack aircraft built in Japan during WW II and was the only design of the Rikugun Kogugijutsu Kenkyujo (Army Aerotechnical Research Institute) to be flown. Powered by two 2,400 hp Mitsubishi Ha-214 air-cooled radials driving six-blade propellers, the aircraft was designed specially to carry large caliber cannon in its under-fuselage gondola. Thus the Ki-93 was designed to perform as a high-altitude heavy bomber destroyer as well as a low-altitude anti-shipping aircraft. In its bomber destroyer form (Ki-93-Ia ) the aircraft carried offensive armament comprising one 57 mm Ho-401 cannon and two 20 mm Ho-5 cannon, while for the anti-shipping missions its offensive armament  comprised one 75 mm Type 88 cannon and two 250 kg bombs (Ki-93-Ib).
Production of the Ki-93 was entrusted to the Dai-Ichi Rikugun Kokusho (First Army Air Arsenal) at Tachikawa and the first prototype was completed and flown in April 1945. A second prototype, the Ki-93-Ib in ground attack configuration, was completed but not flown before the end of the hostilities. (Ref.: 1)