Douglas XTB2D-1 “Skypirate” (Planet, Resin)

TYPE: Carrier-borne torpedo bomber

ACCOMMODATION: Crew of three

POWER PLANT: One Pratt & Whitney R-4360-8 Wasp Major, rated at 3.000 hp

PERFORMANCE: 360 mph. at 24,500 ft

COMMENT: In the early 1940’s the Douglas Company began work on a VTB Proposal to replace the TBD “Devastator” torpedo bomber, then in service on US carriers. In 1942 began work on a new project named the “Devastator II”. On 31 October 1943, just after the new “Midway” class aircraft carriers were ordered into production, Douglas received a contract for two prototypes, designated TB2D and receiving the official name: “Skypirate”. Very large for a single-engined aircraft, the TB2D would have been the largest carrier-borne aircraft at the time. Flight trials began in early 1945 and 23 pre-production aircraft were ordered. But with the end of WW II orders were subsequently cancelled.