Junkers Ju 388J-1V2 “Störtebecker” (Airmodel, Vacu, Parts from Italeri)

TYPE: High Altitude Night and Bad-weather Fighter


POWER PLANT: Two BMW 801TJ rated at 1,890 h.p. at 9,840 ft each

PERFORMANCE: 362 m.p.h. at 40,300 ft

COMMENT: This prototype was converted from a Ju 188T and carried a FuG 220 “Lichtenstein SN-2” radar with “Hirschgeweih” (Stag’s Antlers) aerial array and an assymetrically mounted “Waffentropfen” (Weapon Drops) under portside mid-fuselage. This held two forward-firing 20-mm MG 151 cannons and two 30-mm MK 108 cannons. A remotely-controlled twin-gun tail barbette with MG 131Z cannons was aimed by means of a PVE 11 double periscopic sight. The code name “Störtebecker” is a reminiscent of a legendary German pirate of the 14th century