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Douglas BTD-1 Destroyer (Planet, Resin)

TYPE: Carrier-borne scout/dive bomber


POWER PLANT: One Wright R-3350-14 Cyclone 18, rated at 2,300 hp

PERFORMANCE:  334 mph at 16,100 ft

COMMENT: In 1942 the US Navy planned to replace both the Douglas SBD Dauntless and the new Curtiss SB2C Helldiver and the Douglas Company was commissioned for two prototypes of a new two-seat dive bomber, designated XSB2D-1. The design was a large single-engined mid-winged monoplane with two remote-controlled turrets as defensive armament and a tricycle undercarriage, very unusual for a carrier-based aircraft of the time. The first prototype flew on April 1943, demonstrating an excellent performance and being much faster and carrying nearly double the bombload of the Helldiver. Orders for 358 SB2D-1s quickly followed. In the meantime Douglas reworked the SB2D design by removing the turrets and second crewman, while adding more fuel and armor, producing by that the BTD-1 Destroyer. The orders for SB2Ds were converted to BTD-1s, but only 28 aircraft had been delivered at the end of the WWII. Before the end the war, based on that design, Douglas developed the single-seat BT2D-1, later well known as Douglas AD-1 Skyraider.

Douglas XA2D-1 Skyshark (Anigrand, Resin)

TYPE: Carrier-borne attack aircraft


POWER PLANT: Allison XT40-A-2 coupled turboprop engine, rated at 4,000 h.p., driving two contra-rotating propellers,

PERFORMANCE: 501 m.p.h.

COMMENT: Planned successor of the Douglas  Skyraider. But only seven built

Goodyear FG-4 Corsair, VMF-111 (Hasegawa)

TYPE: Carrier-based fighter-bomber


POWER PLANT: Pratt 6 Whitney R-2800-18W Double Wasp, rated at 2,100 h.p.

PERFORMANCE: 390 m.p.h. at 24,000 ft